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Trevor is the only bloke in his house. Living with a wife and three daughters means there’s a lot of hair to be washed and not always enough hot water to go round. So after years of frustration he told Ken about his idea to fix the problem, and the Aqualim was conceived.

When Trevor and Ken worked out they were onto something, they called in Steve and Dave to help. Steve owns his own business on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and Dave is a Professional Engineer who loved the idea.

4 years later, we have a working prototype which has done about 3,000 showers and has proven that the concept works.

“At first my daughters were using three or four cycles of the Aqualim to have a shower. Now they are down one or two”.
- Trevor -

All that remains now is to invest in the tooling, start making the Aqualim, and get it out to market where it can do it’s job of saving water, energy, and the frustration of many parents like Trevor!

We Are Looking For A Manufacturing Partner.
If you can help us then we'd like to hear from you. Please contact us.


Trevor - Inventor
Ken - Inventor
Steve - Marketing
Karen - Admin
Dave - Engineer
Greenstorm Solutions)

"I'm a big day dreamer in the shower, so I need the Aqualim to kick me out. It works great!"
Dave - Excess Water User


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