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Family Matters, Housemates & Other People You Have To Live With...

My housemate has long showers and uses all the hot water...
Can the Aqualim help?
My Son takes forever in the shower...
Can you make it so there is no way for him to turn the water back on?
My daughter has long hair and is worried about having enough time to wash the shampoo out...
When the Aqualim goes into dribble mode, can she rinse her hair out?
Can I slow down / pause my shower?
Can I stop the shower early?
Can I adjust the way the Aqualim works?


When will the Aqualim be available?
What colours are available?
Is there a possibility to get a discount for bulk purchases?


What types of shower heads does the Aqualim work with?
Can I use the Aqualim with tank water pressures?
What are the physical dimensions of the unit?
How "Vandal-Proof" is the Aqualim?
Can you mount the unit inside the wall instead?
Is there a version suitable for running a bath tub to a set level?
Is there a version that can be mounted beneath a sink?


How much water does the Aqualim give you?
Would it help if I fitted a 5 star or AAA rated shower head as well?
How do I know the Aqualim has finished?
Will it work upside down?

"I'm a big day dreamer in the shower, so I need the Aqualim to kick me out. It works great!"
Dave - Excess Water User


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