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The Aqualim Technology is FOR SALE!

You can own the Company...

The world is ready for the Aqualim.

Over 400 individuals & accommodation businesses worldwide have expressed the desire to buy over 1000 aqualim units.

Wholesalers and retailers have also expressed an interest in stocking the Aqualim.

And yet, we have not even scratched the surface!

Prime markets include: families, hotels, accomodation, public housing and defense.

Our problem is that we cannot get the funds together to develop and market the Aqualim further. 

Here's what's on offer...

  • 100% of the company...
  • The production prototype is complete and ready for production tooling.
  • Ownership of the website and database of people who want the Aqualim.
  • A license to use all the intellectual property, including patents and internal knowledge.
  • Option to utilise GreenStorm Solutions to manage the tool trial and first production run.

Ready to talk?

We will consider any reasonable offer.

Simply use the Contact us form - all fields are optional.

Global Interest in the Aqualim...

Note: our website is only in English, hence only attracts English speakers!

Global Interest in the Aqualim

"I'm a big day dreamer in the shower, so I need the Aqualim to kick me out. It works great!"
Dave - Excess Water User


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