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What The Aqualim Does For You...

The Aqualim gives you a set amount of water to use how you like...faster or slower...its up to you.

When the water flow is reduced to a dribble, you can make the decision to use more water or finish your shower.

We estimate the the Aqualim will save the average household about $100 per year, so you will get your money back in just six to twelve months.

The Aqualim saves water and the energy used to heat the water.

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Watch the Video to see how it works.

Having A Shower With The Aqualim...

1. Turn the taps on and adjust the temperature.

Shower as normal.

2. The Aqualim measures out 30 litres of water.

3. Once you have used up the 30 litres, the Aqualim reduces the water flow to a dribble.

Turn the taps off.

4. At this point you can choose to finish your shower, or if you wish to continue showering, simply turn the taps back on and the Aqualim will measure out another 30 litres of water.

Is 30 Litres a reasonable shower? Have YOUR say by filling in our survey. CLICK HERE

"I'm a big day dreamer in the shower, so I need the Aqualim to kick me out. It works great!"
Dave - Excess Water User


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